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Ironic Squirrel Attack Befalls Politician

Ironic Squirrel Attack Befalls Politician

A politician in Chicago who warned about the rise of 'aggressive squirrels' in the city received a powerful rebuke when he was attacked by one of the creatures during a recent bike ride.

Alderman Howard Brookings cautioned the Chicago city council back in October that squirrels were feasting on discarded food from humans and growing worrisome in size.

These 'super squirrels,' Brookings argued at the time, had become a menace to the citizens of Chicago.

The politician's message proved to be all too prescient last week when he, himself, fell victim to an angry squirrel!

While riding on a bike trail in the city, one of the creatures lodged itself in the front wheel of Brooking's bicycle, causing him to take a nasty fall.

The extent of his injuries were surprisingly severe, including the loss of several teeth as well as a broken nose and a fractured skull.

In a testament to just how seriously the squirrel community appear to have taken Brooking's call to action against them, the creature behind the attack actually sacrificed itself in the spokes of the bike to ensure maximum damage was inflicted on the politician.

This was not lost on Brookings, who joked to the media that "I can think of no other reason for this squirrel's actions than that it was like a suicide bomber, getting revenge."

Although the injured politician expressed a sense of humor about the incident, it would appear that the squirrel attack may have saved the creatures from his campaign against them.

According to Brookings, his plans to tackle the city's squirrel problem have been tabled while he recovers from the many injuries that he suffered in the accident.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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