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Is Proposed 'Space Nation' an Illuminati Plot?

Plans for a proposed sovereign space nation are raising concerns among conspiracy theorists who suspect that the theoretical 'new world' could be a guise for the New World Order.

Dubbed 'Asgardia,' the conceptual idea for an independent country in space made headlines when it was unveiled by a group of scientists last month.

While much of the talk surrounding Asgardia focused on the feasibility of such a project, conspiracy researchers spotted disconcerting details about the space nation that are 'hiding in plain sight.'

Specifically, they point to the artwork for a potential Asgardian space ship that was included in press materials as part of its initial announcement.

The illustrated craft boasts a puzzling metal piece that looks identical to the iconic occult symbol the Eye of Horus.

They also note that the illuminated center of the space ship appears to be a depiction of the 'Tree of Life' symbol from the Kabbalah.

What exactly these 'clues' suggest is ripe for conjecture, although the prevailing theory among conspiracy theorists seems to be that Asgardia is being orchestrated by the infamous illuminati.

As to what the agenda behind Asgardia could be, some researchers say that it may be aimed at creating the ultimate 'breakaway civilization' or an escape plan for the elite in anticipation of troubling times ahead.

The reason for revealing all of this to the unsuspecting public, the theory goes, is that the 'powers that be' will need human labor on their space world and, thus, are recruiting unsuspecting people to be the permanent underclass on Asgardia.

Skeptics, of course, will likely say that the Asgardian artwork is merely a drawing and that any concern over what it might mean is simply paranoia.

Of course, we won't know for sure unless an asteroid hits the planet and, it turns out, all of the rich and powerful people of Earth already left us behind to be safe in space.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the concept of a 'breakaway civilization' and the possibility that one already exists can check out Joseph Farrell's 3/16/2014 appearance on the program.

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Source: Daily Star

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