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Is a Super-Shemitah Headed Our Way?

Is a Super-Shemitah Headed Our Way?

Within days, on September 13th, Americans may face an upheaval of Biblical proportions -- according to an ancient prophesy.

On a recent C2C, Jonathan Cahn, the author of "The Mystery of the Shemitah", warned of a 3,000 year-old cyclical Biblical law that may spell economic disaster or worse.

According to Cahn, The Shemitah was first delineated in the Old Testament Talmudic texts. The decree was handed down from God to Moses as “the law of the Shemitah” - a Sabbath-based commandment saying that the land should rest every seven years with the last being the Year of the Shemitah. "Everything is basically an economic rest… no sowing, no reaping," Cahn said.

The very last day of the last Shemitah year is known as Elul 29. Reportedly, that's when "everything is wiped out – financial accounts and all debt is wiped clean…. the Day of Nullification."

Elul 29 was said to be a blessing. But if a nation turned its back on God, that day became a judgment. Purportedly, the decline and fall of major civilizations through history - including Ancient Israel - can be traced to this violation of a covenant with God.

Tracing key events over the past 40 years Cahn cited multiple economic disasters that crippled America in the aftermath of the seven-year convergence.

But, the last two Shemitah events shook the world. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 also devastated the economy. Then, seven years later, the biggest stock market meltdown in history began on September 16, 2008.

This year's Elul 29 is a major signifier - a 50-year “Super-Shemitah” sequence – a phase many believe may portend the start of End Times.

Cahn believes that this Super-Shemitah might create bigger waves than just the world of finance. In late August, the stock market began suffering the jitters with daily rapid losses and gains – a pit of potential misfortune as the economic pendulum swung to and fro.

While the stock market is closed Sunday September 13, the traditional Rosh Hashanah Jewish New Year's celebration begins at sundown.

"If this (Super-Shemitah) manifests it could be far worse than anything we’ve seen before…there’s no telling what God will do," Cahn warned. "I believe we should be ready."

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