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Is the Australian Government Tracking a Yowie?

Is the Australian Government Tracking a Yowie?

Australia's Bigfoot, known as the Yowie, shares many similarities to its American counterpart, most notably the ability to evade capture. But an Australian cryptozoologist claims that his nation's government knows the whereabouts of at least one of them.

Dean Harrison, head of the group Australian Yowie Research, told the Queensland Times that a Yowie was cornered by the Australian Army in 1998 and embedded with a tracking device.

According to Harrison, the capture of the cryptid happened accidentally when a Yowie was discovered rummaging through the mess hall at an Army barracks.

When guards discovered the monstrous beast, they promptly locked it inside the room and called in the Australian government to assist in the situation.

"After that, they put a tracking device the size of a 50 cent piece between the Yowie's shoulder blades at the back," Harrison told the paper, "they let it out into the forest and have been tracking it ever since."

However, the Australian government was quick to deny the story, telling the Queensland Times that they are "not currently monitoring any Yowies."

So until someone spots a Yowie being followed by an unmarked car, we may have to take the Australian government at their word.

Source: Queensland Times

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