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Italian Cops Stop Strange Grave Robbery Plot

Italian Cops Stop Strange Grave Robbery Plot

A criminal gang's incredibly bizarre scheme to rob the grave of a famed Italian was thwarted by authorities this week.

Police say that the equally ambitious and devious plan was to exhume the body of racing legend Enzo Ferrari and hold it for ransom!

According to officials, the nefarious ne'er-do-wells hoped to stash the automotive icon's remains away in a mountain hiding place and force his family to pay to recover the remains.

While the idea may sound like just a crazy dream cooked up by bored crooks one evening, apparently the macabre crime was far more serious than that.

A massive operation by police netted an astounding 34 individuals involved in the clearly elaborate caper.

And it appears that they did so with only a short time to spare as the initial stages of the theft were allegedly already underway when the arrests occurred.

How the criminal gang intended to split their ill-gotten riches among 34 people likely required a payment plan as complex as the proposed grave robbing.

Source: MotorSport

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