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JFK Conspiracy Theorist Defeats Dallas Yet Again

JFK Conspiracy Theorist Defeats Dallas Yet Again

In the latest chapter of an epic legal battle, a JFK conspiracy theorist in Dallas has prevailed in court against city officials who have attempted to silence him an astounding 82 times!

Kennedy assassination researcher Robert Groden has been a fixture at Dealey Plaza for decades, as he unfurls a banner to mark the infamous grassy knoll and sells materials related to the murder from a table at the site every weekend.

But his quest to raise awareness about a possible conspiracy surrounding the assassination drew the ire of Dallas police long ago and Groden has been locked in an enormous legal battle with the city ever since.

Over the years, he has continually been ticketed by police for a wide variety of offenses that, when taken to court, prove to be wholly specious charges.

Claims levied against Groden include that he is breaking the law by selling books without a license, that he lacks the proper permits for his display, and that his 'Grassy Knoll' banner is against regulations.

But with the help of his diligent attorney, Groden has defeated the city of Dallas a whopping 82 times in court when he challenges the tickets.

As of yet, the city has yet to find a way to silence Groden and keep him from returning to Dealey Plaza each weekend.

His most recent victory came this past Wednesday when his case was thrown out because the judge could not even a record of the law that police allege that he had broken.

Ironically, the epic showdown between the researcher and the city even spawned somewhat of its own conspiracy.

During one court case, a Dallas police officer testified that authorities jailed actually jailed Groden even though they knew he wasn't breaking any laws!

As one might expect, Groden has gone on the offensive, suing the city of Dallas for their repeated and unwarranted harassment in a case that is currently tied up in the court system.

The strange saga has resulted in Groden earning his own unique place in JFK assassination lore and even inspired a documentary about his legal feud with the city of Dallas.

While the nature of the Kennedy assassination will likely continue to inspire debate for decades, Groden's story indicates one thing quite clearly: Dallas officials have obviously never heard of the 'Streisand Effect.'

Source: Dallas Observer

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