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James McCanney Chat Excerpts

James McCanney Chat Excerpts

Physicist James McCanney(1) was our special guest in Streamlink's(2) Live Chat for one hour last week. The wide-ranging discussion touched on such topics as global warming, weather modification, Tesla, and new energy systems. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript(3).

Is it possible that global warming is an effect of an increase in energy in our solar system?

James McCanney
Yes and that is exactly what I have seen for years ... we depend on the sun on an hourly basis ... "climate" is a misnomer.

Does the Prof. feel there is a bias in 'global warming' as reported by the mainstream media?

James McCanney
WOOOO as in big time ... this latest push and media blitz has astounded me but remember that the global warming issue is a ploy for controlling many issues not the least of which is control of fresh water.

Do you feel there is a correlation between the bees and global warming?

James McCanney
Am not sure about this but bees can exist in a wide range of temperatures (in fact all climates) so my guess is that it is really related to pesticides and genetic engineered plants that the bees are not able to cope with.

Are other planets warming?

James McCanney
Yup ... Mars and Neptune are two that are warming and the planets are more dynamic than anyone previously thought ...but the sun is the controller and the electrical output is huge compared to solar light ... Last year I was at one of the American Geophysical Union meetings and now Saturn has had x-rays detected in its rings.

Professor, do you feel that our future suggests that we may need to start looking at the possibility of underground communities?

James McCanney
Yes and Russia and other countries already have large underground cities ... In the US only Dick Cheney has an underground bunker ... but in a huge cometary passage I would not want to be underground at all (only a few feet below and out of the severe wind etc).

I hear that Iceland's geothermal energy could make them a wealthy country if we adopt hydrogen as a general fuel. Is geothermal energy that, well, energetic?

James McCanney
Yup, there is a boatload of heat underground and not very far but of course Iceland is a very volcanic place and has those vents at the surface ... how about Yellowstone Volcano as a source of heat and energy ??? Good idea whose time has come.

Mr. McCanney, is it electricity from our Sun that drives storms on Earth?

James McCanney
Actually yes ... in my weather book I start out by talking about what our weather would be like if we only had solar light as a source of energy ... no clouds ... no jet streams ... the temperatures would be constant at the same latitudes and there would be no vertical exchange ... so add electrical effects ... you see the rest.

Any new discoveries you want to share about weather manipulation?

James McCanney
They have kind of stopped doing the weather control thing ... I think some people in the loop may have gotten a conscience??? Am not sure but for a few years the manipulation was really in your face.

Can we expect a giant Planet X to head our way and muck things up anytime soon?

James McCanney
Am not sure about any time soon but we have had some eye openers lately as with Comet McNaught last fall as it crept into the solar system totally unnoticed ... it sat in the summer sky all summer AND NO ONE SAW IT COMING ... the biggest comet in 40 years ... so they are out there ... it is a matter of when not if.

Are our kids studying the wrong types of scientific facts in school then particularly when it concerns the sun?

James McCanney
Big time .. the text book industry is one of my pet peeves and I even did a professionally produced video in 1991 called "Astronomy for the 90s" still available on my page that talks about the monopoly of government supported science in the text book industry ... trying to crack that one is a huge golden egg with lots of $$$$ and lots of scientific egos at stake.

James, if we are currently in the process of crossing the galactic plain and it is more densely populated with planets, suns and debris, would this effect the interactions of electromagnetic fields around these bodies-- possibly creating unforeseen effects?

James McCanney
There are changes going on in the galaxy but there is a ton of misinformation about this ... in the 90s I worked with a Russian scientist named Alexei Dmitriev who saw and measured effects at the far edge of the solar system ... However now the 2012 issue is taking some non-science and claiming that alignments that we go through every year are going to somehow be special in 2012 ... will talk more about this in the future.

Prof. McCanney, do you think our world will ever see the works of Tesla that were taken?

James McCanney
Good question ... the energy barons took all of that when Tesla died and what I have tried to do is use physics and my understanding of the electrical nature of the solar system to reconstruct Tesla's work and I am continually making progress ... One of the greatest modern myths is that he was using his tower to transmit power ... so where exactly did he get this power from ??????? that is just more planned misinformation ... his tower was specifically to pull power from the ionosphere although he did not understand all of that at the time ... Many records are of an ancient nature that Tesla had access to in his early years.

1. http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/
2. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/streamlink/about.html
3. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/member/chatLog_2007-04-18.html

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