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Japanese Group Decries Valentine's Day 'Conspiracy'

Japanese Group Decries Valentine's Day 'Conspiracy'

A strange cadre of protestors in Japan have taken to the streets to speak out against what they say is a conspiracy centered around Valentine's Day.

The bizarre display, which one might confuse for satire but seems entirely on the level, was organized by a group known as 'Kakuhido,' which consists of self-professed men who are unattractive to women.

Unlike their American counterparts who are compelled to spend on Valentine's Day, the men in Japan are actually the recipients of sweets from their sweetie on February 14th and repay the favor on another holiday in March.

As such, Kakuhido members are fed up with being passed over when it comes to getting candy on Valentine's Day.

"You're judged by how many sweets you get. It's a business strategy by the chocolate capitalists, it's ridiculous," lamented the organization's spokesman to the AFP.

Incredibly, this is not Kakuhido's first public display of disaffection for Valentine's Day as this year marks a decade of demonstrations against the holiday by the group.

With interesting in Valentine's Day seemingly on the wane, Kakuhido believe that their message is beginning to resonate with the public, but vow to continue the Valentine's Day protests until the holiday is no more.

"Our enemy is formidable, but we are ready for a long, drawn-out war," Kakuhido's spokesman declared.

Unfortunately for Kakuhido, their prospects look bleak because, as we all know, love conquers all.

Source: AFP

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