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Japanese Prefecture Seeks Ninjas

Japanese Prefecture Seeks Ninjas

The Japanese prefecture of Aichi is hoping for a boost in tourism by recruiting a cadre of ninjas.

An online ad from the prefecture's tourism department calls for six full-time ninjas that will take part in stage performances as well as TV and radio appearances.

Requirements for the position include physical fitness, acrobatic skills, and the ability to speak some Japanese.

Despite their reputation in the past for being stealthy, these modern ninjas are expected to be comfortable performing for a crowd since they will be showcasing their skills at various tourist attractions in Aichi.

The unique vocation is seen as an attempt by Aichi to emulate the success of nearby prefecture Mie's ninja museum.

Prospective ninjas who succeed in being hired will be a little less than $20,000 a year and will also earn themselves a truly one-of-a-kind addition to their resume.

So sharpen your throwing stars and brush up on your Japanese, since the deadline to apply is March 22nd.

Source: BBC News

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