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Jellyfish Blanket Beach in Australia

An Australian man walking along the beach stumbled upon a truly wondrous and somewhat worrisome sight as thousands of poisonous jellyfish had washed ashore.

The veritable sea of bluebottle jellyfish was witnessed by Brett Willensky when he was visiting an area of Australia known as Bateman's Bay last week.

Thankfully, the astounded observer captured some footage of the incredible scene that is truly breathtaking.

In the video, the swath of jellyfish nearly blends into the ocean at first, but then becomes almost monstrous as Willensky turns his camera to show thousands of the bluebottles blanketing the beach.

The daring cameraman even crouches down to give a rather unsettling look at the creatures up close and personal, which adds some perspective as far how the sheer number of jellyfish in the group which Willensky described as "the stuff of nightmares."

Fortunately, he was aware that the creatures pack a powerful sting and so he wisely did not try to touch the mass of jellyfish, although its pool-like appearance was almost crying out for some foolhardy individual to just dive into it.

Source: Daily Mail

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