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John Mack: Word from Beyond?

John Mack: Word from Beyond?

Dave Haith, a retired newspaper journalist, who is involved with paranormal research, and lives in Bournemouth, UK writes with some interesting details about the late Prof. John Mack(1), including word of possible afterlife communications from him:
Just back from a week's holiday yesterday, I found aphone voice message awaiting me from psychicresearcher Monty Keen's widow Veronica, at whosehome John Mack planned to stay on the night of histragic death.As we now know, Mack was killed in Totteridge Lane,London by a car driven by a Czech local resident whoit is alleged had been drinking.An inquest has been opened and adjourned and thereis a cremation on Wednesday.As the Internet has been awash with conspiracytheories re: Mack's demise...I asked herpermission to publish her Sunday Oct 3 voicemailmessage which is as follows:
"Hello - message for David Haith from VeronicaFord-Keen to do with John Mack.You all seem to be surprised that John was stayinghere.He was an old friend of Monty and I.He became interested in the afterlife two years agoon the death of Dr Elizabeth Targ and hercommunication and he wanted to work with me onMonty's communications.And he is communicating here now.But we spent all day Thursday together at theFarmer's Club in London and he talked to me over theweekend from Oxford and he came here Monday morningto stay with me and we should have worked Monday andTuesday on Monty's communications and he was goingback Tuesday evening.No mystery about it at all. It was...an accident andI'm very upset and very sorry.He was a lovely man - one of life's gentlemen, justlike Monty.I hope you're both well. Take care - God Bless."
In a phone conversation today (Oct 9) Veronica Keentold me that she believes that John Mack hascommunicated from the afterlife and has 'met' and isworking with Monty.She said that Mack arrived at her home on Monday andthey went by cab to researcher Rupert Sheldrake'shome where they 'talked for hours.'Mack had been to Oxford the previous Saturdayaddressing the T. E. Lawrence Society Symposium - hewon the Pulitzer Prize for his biography on Lawrenceof Arabia.
Later, John had a meeting with his financial advisorin Chelsea. He was dropped off there by a friend ofVeronicaand then returned by taking the underground (tube)train to a station near Veronica's home atTotteridge.Veronica who explained that her friend drew him amap to find his way, said 'He told us he wanted togo on the underground. He said he hadn't been on itfor years. It was an adventure for him. He likedexperiencing things.'Reluctant to give specific details Veronica claimsthat Mack communicated after death on Tuesday.Reluctant to give names she said John came throughto a "businessman over from the States who is ableto talk with the dead."She said the man was at a business meeting onTuesday morning when "Suddenly, when the meeting wasover, he said 'I've got somebody wishing tocommunicate.'
Veronica claims it was recognised as Mack bysomebody else at the meeting who knew him. She saidthe businessman did not know Mack or that he haddied.Veronica added "We had a Thursday night séance withthis American - John and Monty came through. It'sall on tape. John said Monty had taught him how tocommunicate."She said that in the communications John said thatit was destiny and "all part of the scheme for Johnand Monty to work this way."
John also described his death. He said 'It was likea puff of wind lifted me up. I never knew dyingcould be so easy."Veronica said that when she had discussions about theafterlife with John before the accident he 'becamevery excited - like a little child.'He told her 'My only regret is that I came to thisso late in life. It's the one question everybodyneeds answering.'She said Mack had never attended séances while alivebut was researching it academically.She said "He was planning to attend séances to openup a new world for him."
--David Haith

1. http://johnemackinstitute.org/center/center_news.asp?id=227

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