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'Joker' Lookalike Busted in Miami

'Joker' Lookalike Busted in Miami

Miami-Dade police may have actually outdone the Dark Knight by arresting an unsettling-looking Joker lookalike who was pointing a gun at passing cars.

Sporting vibrant green hair and an array of vivid tattoos on his face, Lawrence Patrick Sullivan was stopped by the cops after area residents reported something amiss.

According to neighbors, someone who bore a startling resemblance to the Joker character was waving a gun around and aiming at cars.

Clearly matching the description of the suspect, Sullivan was subsequently revealed to be in possession of an unlicensed and loaded handgun for which he was arrested.

Lest one suspect that Sullivan's homage to the Batman character was merely a coincidence, rest assured it is not.

Among the artwork adorning the face of the self-described 'tattoo model' are the words 'Joker,' the character's 'ha ha ha' catchphrase, and an expletive aimed at Batman.

However the aspiring supervillain was in no laughing mood at his arraignment, refusing a public defender and lamenting that "I don’t even feel like signing the paperwork right now. I am not in the mood for that."

Should Sullivan be found guilty, he may be disappointed to learn that his next destination will not be Arkham Asylum.

Source: CBS Miami

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