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Listen to the 'Voice' of a Monkey

Scientists studying the vocal anatomy of a monkey managed to create a nightmarish simulation of what the creature might sound like if it spoke.

The haunting sound bite is derived from new research at Princeton University which suggests that Planet of the Apes may not be as far fetched as previously thought.

In the past, cadaver examinations had led scientists to conclude that monkeys could not vocalize like humans due to the structure of their mouths.

However x-ray analysis of a macaque told a different story as scientists saw that the animal could actually create the sounds of speech, including vowels and sentences.

The findings are a revelation, in some ways, for the scientific community as it conjures the question of why, then, do these other primates not use language akin to their hairless human brethren?

It would appear that the answer lies in the minds of monkeys and how they evolved over time.

And, since they ultimately ended up not speaking like us, any attempt to ask them would, of course, prove fruitless ... for now.

Perhaps with that in mind, an industrious AI company out of Belgium took the data from the Princeton study and produced an approximation of what that x-rayed macaque might sound like if he were so inclined to talk.

The result is a gravely whisper asking, "will you marry me?"

Between the unsettling voice and the odd choice of words, the monkey's message is rather bizarre.

It's also kind of sad, because one can only wonder how a lonely macaque could ever find love with a voice like that.

Source: The Telegraph

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