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Locals Lament 'Haunted' House in India

Residents of a neighborhood in the Indian city of Hyderabad are fed up with one home in their community as it has become a hot spot for ghost seekers.

Allegedly the site of a triple suicide, rumors and urban legends have attached themselves to the unassuming abode, known as the 'Kundabagh haunted house' over the last decade online.

And as its infamy grew, so too did the interest from paranormal tourists and local teenagers looking to prove their mettle by exploring the 'haunted' house.

The fervor peaked in 2014 when a whopping 21 students were arrested for 'creating a nuisance' at the popular destination for thrill seekers.

Unfortunately, media coverage of the mass arrest only served to heighten interest in the location, much to the chagrin of neighbors who were forced to take matters into their own hands.

"We have to spend our own money and hire guards to drive the crowds away," one resident told the Deccan Chronicle, "they spend hours in front of the house."

Another resident lamented that the 'visitations' have become a constant nuisance.

"Youths, during the wee hours, stand in front of the house hooting, clicking photographs and throwing stones at it," she told the paper.

It appears that the private security and threats of arrest have not kept the youngsters at bay as police arrested another 20 young men last week for congregating in front of the home.

So while it may be up for debate as to whether or not the house is the home to ghosts and other strange spirits, it's safe to say that its neighborhood truly is haunted by a torment of another kind: teenagers.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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