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Loch Ness Mess Irks Researcher

Loch Ness Mess Irks Researcher

A Nessie researcher is crying foul over what he says is an out of control problem at the famed Scottish landmark: litter!

Steve Feltham has spent over 25 years on a full-time 'monster hunt' at the site in the hopes of proving that the famed creature exists.

While Nessie has proven to be rather elusive to the indefatigable researcher, the same cannot be said for the overwhelming amount of trash that accumulates on the loch's beaches.

He lamented to Highland News that the trash accumulation has always been a problem at Loch Ness, but this year has been particularly bad with visitors leaving behind "broken bottles, empty cans or even human waste."

The issue has grown to be so troubling to area residents that they recently banded together to gather up some of the garbage strewn along the beaches.

Before one blames Nessie fans for the bad behavior, Feltham came to their defense, telling the newspaper that "it’s not the visitors from Europe or further afield who are creating this problem."

On the contrary, one local official pointed their finger at an even more nefarious culprit: teenagers.

With the school year ending in Scotland, the loch is apparently a popular destination for youngsters looking to celebrate the start of summer.

Since waiting for the partying teens to be responsible for their rubbish may take as long as Feltham's quarter-century quest for Nessie, area residents hope that the local government will add more trashcans around the loch.

And one wonders why Nessie rarely makes an appearance nowadays...

Source: Highland News

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