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Lost Cellphone Spawns Unsettling Child Sacrifice

Lost Cellphone Spawns Unsettling Child Sacrifice

In a bizarre confluence of modern technology and ancient lore, frustration over a missing cellphone led to the gruesome 'black magic' sacrifice of a young child in India.

At the center of the strange case, authorities say, is a fourteen-year old girl who lost her cell phone.

Desperate to retrieve the device, the teen's parents enlisted the help of an alleged 'black witch priest' that lived in their village.

The purported practitioner of the dark arts, along with a pair of his underlings, performed a ritual designed to solve the mystery of the missing cell phone.

Horrifically, an apparent ingredient for this ceremony was the life of a child, so the trio proceeded to kidnap a four-year old girl and subsequently dismembered her during the ritual.

Upon discovery of the victim's head and arms scattered in a forest, police arrested the girl's parents as well as two of the men who committed the evil deed, but the 'black witch' vanished from the area.

And, in an ending worthy of an episode of Law and Order, the teen girl who caused the entire unsettling affair to unfold was not charged since she is a minor, leaving her free to be haunted by what her forgetfulness had wrought.

Source: Washington Post

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