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Lost Nazi Collection of Occult Books Rediscovered

Lost Nazi Collection of Occult Books Rediscovered

A lost cache of occult books, devoted to witchcraft and belonging to infamous Nazi official Heinrich Himmler, has been rediscovered by a library in Prague.

Notoriously obsessed with esoteric matters and mysticism, Himmler amassed an astounding 13,000 works devoted to those topics during the Nazi's reign of terror throughout Europe.

A large part of his hoard bore the unnerving nickname of the 'Witches Library' and featured a myriad of books about the history of witches in Germany.

The lost collection was rediscovered after library workers entered a storage area that had not been opened since the 1950's and realized the historical significance of what they had found.

Based on an examination by an expert, some the newfound occult works may have been stolen from Norwegian Freemasons during World War II.

And, as you may have guessed, the discovery of the books and their bizarre subject matter is being turned into a TV special by a Norwegian production company.

What will become of the 'Witches Library' and the other 'lost' works after that has yet to be announced.

Source: Daily Mail

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