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Lottery Winner Says Psychic Predicted It

Lottery Winner Says Psychic Predicted It

A woman in Connecticut who recently won a giant lottery jackpot says that a psychic had actually predicted her good fortune.

Carolyn O’Brien told gaming officials that the premonition occurred a few years ago when she visited a psychic.

According to O'Brien, as she was leaving the reading, the psychic unexpectedly took hold of her and said, "‘I see you with a check in your hand cheering 'I did it!'"

Although initially somewhat skeptical of psychic abilities, she now has three million reasons to believe that there could be something to those who claim that they can see the future.

"Everything she told me has come true," marveled a smiling O'Brien when presented with an oversized check for $3 million dollars.

And, fulfilling the prophecy in total, the lucky winner exclaimed "I did it" as she departed the lottery office.

O'Brien plans to use the money to pay off her home mortgage and children's college tuition as well as treat herself to some much deserved rest and relaxation.

First up on the list: a 'mani-pedi' for her ... and her dog, which we're guessing even the psychic couldn't have seen coming.

Source: Connecticut Lottery Office

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