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Luxury Pet Spa in Japan Offers 'Dog Exorcisms'

Luxury Pet Spa in Japan Offers 'Dog Exorcisms'

As if a high-end spa that caters to dogs was not strange enough, one such location in Japan is now offering 'exorcism packages' to improve their canine clients' health.

The odd feature from the D+Kirishima spa is aimed at dogs that are aged 7, 10, and 13, since those years are considered bad luck in Japanese culture.

Recipients of the 'Pet Dog Exorcism Package' are visited at the spa by a high ranking Shinto priest, who performs a ceremony at special on-site shrine.

The 30 minute exercise is designed to both spiritually invigorate the dog as well as attempt to ensure future wellness.

Owners who partake in the package are billed around $300 dollars and also receive both a room at the spa as well as a meal for both themselves and their prized pooch.

Should the practice prove to be popular, we presume it will eventually make its way over to America, since pampering our pets is quickly becoming a national pastime here as well.

Source: Toronto Sun

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