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Luxury Tour Group Offers Camping Trips to 'Sasquatch Country'

Luxury Tour Group Offers Camping Trips to 'Sasquatch Country'

A luxury tour company in Canada is offering a rather monstrous excursion dubbed the 'Sasquatch Challenge.'

The unusual package provides four patrons the chance to spend the night "deep in Sasquatch country," which is described as forested areas of British Columbia and Alberta where the creature has been said to lurk.

Lest one think that this is a mere camping trip, it promises to deliver the customers to the site via helicopter and, once there, they will be provided with quality food and equipment to spend the night.

In the event that the aspiring Bigfoot hunters wind up encountering the creature in the dead of night or simply become to afraid to stay at the site, they'll be able to contact the company and end the adventure.

Whether there would be enough time to extract the customers from the forest before a Bigfoot devours them is a question we hope never has to be answered.

Those who may wish to partake in the 'Sasquatch Challenge' will need to act fast, since the company is only offering the package during October and it costs around $6,000.

While that price may sound steep for some, remember that proving Sasquatch exists could be worth millions, making the return on investment rather reasonable should one be so lucky.

Source: Scout.com

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