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MA Police Post Odd Warning

MA Police Post Odd Warning

Authorities in a Massachusetts town are warning drivers to be mindful of a paranormal creature purportedly lurking in their midst!

On Saturday morning, the Freetown Police Department notified area residents that they have posted new signage cautioning motorists that they may encounter a small troll-like entity known as a 'Pukwudgie.'

The diminutive beings have long been linked to the Freetown State Forest, which sits at the heart of the infamous paranormal hotspot known as the 'Bridgewater Triangle.'

In a posting on their Facebook page announcing the news, the police department noted that "the danger the Pukwudgies present to the motoring public is that they can appear and disappear at will by using its magical powers."

Additionally, cops noted that Pukwudgies also allegedly possess the ability to transform into "a walking porcupine," create spontaneous fires, and control the dead.

While Freetown police assured their constituents that the local fire department is aware of the potential for Pukwudgie-induced infernos, authorities have yet to determine how to thwart the entities' zombie-making abilities.

Nonetheless, author and researcher Christopher Balzano applauded their effort to warn the public about Pukwudgies, telling WBSM that "they are far more dangerous than any of the other creatures in the forest and people need to be aware of it."

No doubt concerned about possibly causing a panic among visitors to the town who are not aware of the local legend, the police department stressed that the signage will only be used during Pukwudgie mating season.

According to local experts consulted by the cops, "this year, it is believed that the season begins and ends on 'April Fools' Day.'"

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the legend of the Pukwudgie as well as the Bridgewater Triangle can check out the 1/26/2014 edition of the program featuring filmmaker Aaron Cadieux.

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Source: WBSM

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