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MLB Player Has Ghost Encounter at Haunted Hotel

MLB Player Has Ghost Encounter at Haunted Hotel

A first baseman for the Anaheim Angels found himself with an unexpected roommate during a recent road trip as he allegedly had a ghostly encounter at a notoriously haunted hotel in Milwaukee.

After his first night staying at the Pfister Hotel, Ji-Man Choi revealed to reporters that he sensed a spirit alongside him in his bed as he settled in for the evening.

Choi's tale is made all the more remarkable because no one had told the rookie that the hotel had a long history of ghost reports from other players.

Previous incidents shared by athletes include disembodied voices, an air conditioner that randomly turned on and off, and even a strange light which hovered in the room.

Since Choi was unaware of the site's strange past, his experience cannot simply be dismissed as something he had imagined based on stories he'd heard from other players in the clubhouse.

In fact, the South Korean player actually confided in reporters that the experience was not his first encounter with the supernatural, telling them that "I've seen ghosts plenty of times."

According to Choi, his experiences began after having back surgery in 2011, when he would occasionally feel some kind of entity pressing down on his chest while trying to sleep.

"I was scared at first," Choi told MLB.com, "so I didn't want to open my eyes. I dealt with that a lot more times after that."

Although others may be perturbed by such events, Choi expressed a unique perspective about them, since he credited the ghostly encounters with helping him get to sleep in otherwise unfamiliar hotel rooms.

If he slept well the previous evening, he claimed, "it means there's a ghost" in the room.

Coast Insiders can hear more tales of sports stars crossing paths with ghosts by checking out the 10/14/2012 edition of C2C featuring authors Dan Gordon and Mickey Bradley discussing their book Haunted Baseball.

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Source: MLB.com

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