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Machete-Wielding Clown Menaces Drivers in California

Machete-Wielding Clown Menaces Drivers in California

Drivers cruising along California's Highway 101 were aghast when as they passed someone dressed as a clown holding a machete seemingly covered in blood!

The menacing harlequin was spotted by several motorists who quickly phoned police about the odd individual lurking near the side of the highway.

Authorities subsequently arrived on the scene while the clown was still there and, after a tense few moments, managed to make some sense of the strange situation.

According to police, the person behind the caper was a man named Larry Allen Tovey, who revealed that while his machete was real, the blood on it was fake.

Remarkably, Tovey was actually not arrested for his antics, since cops determined that he technically had not threatened anyone and was only attempting to appear scary.

As to what was behind Tovey's odd 'performance,' an official with the Monterey County Sheriff's office said, "he just had a sick sense of humor."

This latest incident, coupled with a pair of other odd events from the last few weeks, suggests that, just in time for summer, the creepy clown phenomenon appears to be blooming once again and this time they've got weapons!

Source: KSBW

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