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Man Blames Aliens for Crime Spree

Man Blames Aliens for Crime Spree

A Wisconsin man faces a litany of charges after repeatedly vandalizing a home purportedly at the behest of aliens!

Over the course of the last three weeks, Anouphong Inphachack allegedly defaced a residence in the city of Sheboygan on multiple occasions, smashing windows and spray painting 'DNA' on the side of the home.

After the owners of the house reported the crimes to police, cops eventually found the 31-year-old man lurking near the home in a van and stopped him for questioning.

It was then that Inphachack told a fantastic tale worthy of the Wyoming time traveler from earlier this month.

According to the accused vandal, who actually admitted to committing the crimes, his nefarious deeds were orchestrated by none other than aliens!

Specifically, Inphachack claimed to be the victim of an ET virus that has torn his life asunder and caused him to lash out at the home in question.

He explained that the 'DNA' message on the side of the house was his way of calling attention to the aliens having altered his genetic material as a way of making him shorter.

Why, exactly, the ETs would want to shrink Inphachack has so far gone unexplained, but the man did reveal a bit more about his interactions with these entities.

"They are switching dimensions all the time. Setting people up for a bad time," he told investigators, insisting that "I'm telling you the truth. The alien virus will evolve mankind."

Based on an interview with Inphachack's family, authorities suspect that he may be suffering from mental health issues.

Nonetheless, the confessed vandal has been charged seven different crimes, including two felonies for trying to set fire to the home.

And so while we may never know for certain if aliens were to blame for Inphachack's strange behavior, there's is likely to be little argument that he has, indeed, found himself mixed up in a 'bad time.'

Source: Sheboygan Press

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