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Man Claims Devil Caused Car Crash

Man Claims Devil Caused Car Crash

A Michigan man charged with reckless driving has opted for a supernatural defense by claiming that the devil tried to possess him while we was driving!

Kyle Craig smashed into several cars during an accident back in November and purportedly told one driver at the scene that the devil caused the incident.

While one might suspect this was mere hyperbole from the young man following the traumatic accident, it appears he genuinely believes that something divine took place.

Craig explained to the Lansing State Journal that he had spent the previous night reading the Bible and, thus, was rather sleep deprived at the time of the crash.

He theorized that his theological pursuit spawned the accident, musing that "it’s almost as if the devil entered me, and God saved me and prevented him from entering me and killing me."

Craig noted that his car hit an astounding seven vehicles during the massive crash, yet he managed to survive the incident without any injuries, suggesting that he was protected from harm by the 'man upstairs.'

As a result of the incident, Craig faces a potential year in prison for both reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

Planning to serve as his own attorney at the upcoming trial, one presumes that Craig will be hoping for some divine intervention to help him win the case.

Source: Lansing State Journal

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