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Man Demands Refund Following 'Failed Exorcism'

Man Demands Refund Following 'Failed Exorcism'

A consumer protection agency in Malaysia found themselves at the center of a supernatural dispute when a man demanded that they help him get a refund for an allegedly botched exorcism.

The strange case came about after the man enlisted the help of a shaman to rid his father of an astounding nine spirits that had been wreaking havoc on his life.

According to the complaint, the shaman agreed to take on the task and charged the man $30 dollars per spirit for a total of $270 dollars.

However it would appear that the shaman's magic was not quite up to snuff as the man's father reportedly continued being plagued by the spirits despite several attempts to eradicate them.

After the old man passed away, the grieving son sought retribution by way of attempting to get a refund for the shaman's services through Malaysia's Consumer Claims Tribunal.

Unfortunately, the group was unable to help the man because, in what should be no surprise, the shaman was not an officially registered business.

The decision ultimately leaves the man in a rather unique quandary as his only recourse may be to hire another shaman to seek revenge on his rival and we've seen how that turned out the first time.

Source: Asia One

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