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Man Dissolved by Yellowstone Hot Spring

Authorities have revealed gruesome details on the death of a young man who fell into a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park and subsequently dissolved!

Colin Scott was visiting the site with his sister this past July when, rangers say, the pair decided to stray into prohibited territory looking for a place to soak in the park's famed thermal pools.

The practice, known as 'hot potting,' is strictly forbidden for reasons that Scott unfortunately found out.

According to the report on his passing, the young man attempted to gauge the temperature of the hot springs in the hopes of finding an area suitable for a soak and accidentally tumbled into the water.

Scott subsequently passed away for being submerged in the incredible 212 degree Fahrenheit water.

A haunting coda to the man's demise is that rescuers spotted his body in the water but opted to wait until the next day to recover his remains from the dangerous area.

When they returned the following morning, nothing could be found in the water because his body had been dissolved by the extremely hot and acidic brew.

Perhaps hoping to keep the entire affair under wraps, Yellowstone only released the report after an FOIA request by a local TV station.

While they may have concerned that Scott's story would inspire other thrill seekers to attempt a similar misadventure, we're guessing that the horrifying details of his demise will actually help to discourage copycats lest they suffer a similar fate.

Source: USA Today

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