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Man Killed by Meteorite in India?

Man Killed by Meteorite in India?

The mysterious death of a bus driver in India is being blamed on injuries sustained from a meteorite impact which, if true, would be the first such demise in nearly two centuries.

The incident occurred on Friday when a college campus was shook by an explosion that injured three people and fatally wounded the bus driver.

Witnesses to the blast were flummoxed by the lack of fire or smell emanating from the event and investigators found no signs of explosives in the area.

However they did find a 24-pound black rock in a crater near the site of the blast, leading to the conclusion that the event was caused by a meteorite striking the Earth.

Scientists are currently studying samples from the rock in the hopes of determining its origin.

Death by meteorite is so rare that the last time it occurred was in 1825, leading one to wonder what caused the bus driver to have such incredibly bad luck.

Source: CBS News

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