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Man Transforms Himself into an 'Elf'

A young man in Argentina has spend over $30,000 on elaborate plastic surgeries in an attempt to transform himself into an elf!

Luis Padron says that being bullied as a child led him to escape into the world of fantasy fiction which is populated by all manner of unique and interesting entities.

Over the course of his teenage years, he became obsessed with the idea of becoming an elf and, at the age of 20, started pursuing that goal with his first surgery.

Over the subsequent five years, Padron has spent a small fortune on surgeries ranging from laser skin bleaching to operations on his nose and jaw.

He also spends over $5,000 a month on a variety of creams and treatments to give his skin an elfish hue.

In the future, Padron also hopes to have operations that will give him pointed ears, a heart-shaped hairline, and even lengthen his body.

Although people on the street are often taken aback by Padron's appearance, the young man has actually found work as a model as well as making appearances at various events.

Source: Daily Mail

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