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Massive Ancient Meteorite Unearthed in Argentina

Researchers in Argentina have extracted an enormous meteorite from the Earth that may be the second-largest such object ever found.

Discovered over the weekend, the monstrous meteorite weighs a whopping 30 tons and is believed to be around 4,000 years old.

Experts say that the object likely fell to Earth during a massive meteor shower that peppered an area of Argentina that is now rich with space rocks, albeit ones much smaller than this latest find.

Simply removing it from the ground proved to be a task worthy of such a gigantic discovery as the project required an extensive crew of workers and equipment.

Unfortunately for residents of the town of Gancedo, where the meteorite was found, their space rock fell far short of the record for largest ever found.

That particular object, known as the Hoba meteorite, was discovered in the African nation of Namibia in 1920 and weighs an astounding 66 tons.

We're guessing that whether it was the first or second largest meteorite to hit the Earth was of little consequence for the unlucky denizens of Argentina when it struck the planet four thousand years ago.

Source: Daily Mail

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