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Massive Hailstorm Slams Argentina

Stunned residents and bewildered officials in a province in Argentina have been left with quite the mess on their hands following a monstrous hailstorm of Biblical proportions.

In a matter of just minutes, the astounding storm dropped an incredible five feet of rain and hail on communities in the central part of the country.

The aftermath of the event looked as if a blizzard had hit the area as the hail had piled up the point that unsuspecting drivers found themselves stuck after the accumulated snow-like substance nearly swallowed their cars.

Although weather services in Argentina had attempted to alert people in the area that the storm was coming, authorities say that no one expected the hail to reach such voluminous levels.

Based on the distance between the two events, the hailstorm seems unlikely to be related to the strange illuminated column of light spotted in the country around the same time, leaving us simply to wonder what is going on with the weather in Argentina lately.

And, for readers fortunate enough to not live in the impacted area, scenes from the aftermath of the storm serve as a worrisome reminder of the annual, oft-spoken concern for anyone along the east coast: winter is coming.

Source: The Independent

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