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Massive Sea Creature Spotted on Google Earth?

Massive Sea Creature Spotted on Google Earth?

A perplexing anomaly has been photographed in the Antarctic Ocean by Google Earth and some observers are wondering if it could be a massive sea creature.

Captured by the service about two months ago near the appropriately named 'Deception Island,' the puzzling object or creature appears to measure nearly 100 feet long.

And that is just the portion above water, suggesting that whatever it is may be considerably larger than what is seen in the image.

A more expansive perspective of the scene also shows a massive wake in the water caused by the anomaly surfacing.

Theories as to what it might be include the prosaic possibilities of a giant squid or submarine emerging from the water as well as more fantastic ideas such as the legendary Kraken or a plesiosaur.

Considering that the photograph of the anomaly was incredibly fortuitous, it's unlikely that we'll get any additional shots of the 'thing' any time soon.

So all we are really left with are conjecture, debate, and the nagging feeling that something quite ominous may be lurking in the ocean near the bottom of the Earth.

Fortunately, the coordinates of the object have made available, allowing anyone to use a Google service to examine the image, which you can do here.

Source: Express

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