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Meat Mystery Grips German Town

Meat Mystery Grips German Town

Residents of a small town in southwest Germany are scratching their heads over a weird mystery that has gripped their community: someone keeps leaving piles of meat at their local train station.

The half-pound deposits of minced meat have reportedly been spotted at an off-limits area of the station every few days over the last few weeks.

While the initial incident could be dismissed as some random occurrence, as more meat kept appearing, it was soon determined that there was some kind of purpose behind the puzzling piles.

One theory centered around the possibility that the meat contained poison with the purpose of killing any unsuspecting pets that might nibble of the free offering of food.

Fortunately, that hypothesis has been ruled out by both the authorities and, believe it or not, a community Facebook page devoted to discussing the German meat mystery.

Although the online efforts may sound amusing, the armchair detectives just might be the town's best chances for solving the meat mystery, since police have no plans to investigate the case any further.

Left to their own devices, residents are considering a rather bold strategy: staking out the train station in the hopes of snagging the source of the mystery meat and closing the case themselves.

Whether this scheme is simply a scare tactic or a genuine plan remains to be seen, but one hopes that the perpetrator of the meat mystery can eventually be identified.

Because, otherwise, the question of who is behind the odd deposits and, more importantly, why they keep being left at the station will remain as bewildering as the contents of a hot dog.

Source: The Local

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