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Meet the Transhumanist Presidential Candidate

Meet the Transhumanist Presidential Candidate

While the big two parties dominate headlines surrounding the 2016 presidential election, one third party candidate is hoping to make waves by introducing some radical ideas into the mix.

Leader of the Transhumanist Party, Zoltan Istvan foresees a world where humans and machines are one in the same, leading to benefits for the species that are phenomenal.

He suggests that, in the future, people will regularly be augmenting their bodies with robotics and editing their genes to achieve perfect health.

And, most promising, he says, will be the ability to upload brain scans into computers in order to preserve personalities forever.

"I'm hoping I will live indefinitely, that's a major priority," Istvan told the Daily Mail.

In order to get the word out about the possibilities of transhumanism, the candidate has been traveling around America in a coffin-shaped van emblazoned with his website on the side.

Although his ideas are futuristic and fantastic, the aspiring immortal has a realistic outlook on the presidential election, conceding that winning the election is a longshot.

On the bright side, should he manage to harness the technology to life forever, Istvan will be able to keep campaigning indefinitely and maybe one day find himself in the Oval Office.

Source: Daily Mail

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