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Mexico City 'Ghost Girl' Revealed to be a Hoax

A chilling video which purportedly showed the ghost of a young girl appearing in a busy Mexico City street has been revealed to be a clever hoax.

The footage, which made headlines earlier this month, allegedly came from security cameras near Mexico City's popular Paseo de la Reforma.

Skeptics who declared the video was simply too good to be true have been proven correct as a beer company has stepped forward to take credit for the footage.

Cerveza Victoria México says that they purposely concocted the viral video as part of an ad campaign showcasing popular supernatural legends in Mexico.

In this case, the ghost in the video is a depiction of the tale of La Llorona, the spirit of a despondent young woman said to roam the streets weeping and looking for her lost children.

Clearly the viral aim of the campaign worked, since nearly 2 million people watched the 'ghost girl' video when it went online a few weeks ago.

How exactly the faux ghost video will help to sell more beer is a mystery best left for marketing executives to solve.

Paranormal enthusiasts fooled by the video should not be too dismayed, since the beer company was responsible enough to take credit for the creation rather than letting it linger in the paranormal zeitgeist for long.

And, if it inspires a new generation of people to explore the La Llorona mystery, then it may be worth the briefly bruised ego from those who may have thought they were watching a genuine ghost.

Source: Mirror

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