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Michigan Cops Make Massive Grave Robbing Arrest

Michigan Cops Make Massive Grave Robbing Arrest

Authorities in Michigan expressed outrage after arresting a woman for allegedly stealing a jaw-dropping array of objects placed at graves throughout two different cemeteries.

Lisa Corcoran faces felony theft charges for purportedly pilfering nearly 200 different items from graveyards and using the objects to decorate her home!

Cops say the creepy crime spree saw Corcoran snatch mementos from a whopping 24 different graves in a series of six capers.

The grave robber was caught after someone suspected that Corcoran had taken flowers from an apartment complex and called police.

When investigators arrived at her home, they were aghast to discover an astounding 188 different items which they believe were taken from atop graves.

While one might be imagining stuffed animals or other small items, police say that Corcoran was in possession of a memorial bench valued at $500 dollars and, presumably, other rather valuable objects as well.

"To steal from the dead is an unimaginable act that defies description,' declared one police official at a press conference detailing the arrest, "this is a new low."

Depending on how Corcoran's trial unfolds, she could be faced with a new decorating challenge: how to spruce up a prison cell.

Source: MLive

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