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Milwaukee Man's Van Hit by 'UFO'

A strange incident last week left a man in Milwaukee scratching his head after a mysterious object fell from the sky and smashed into his van.

Marshall Robinson discovered the damaged vehicle after his neighbor called and expressed concern over a loud thump sound which she had just heard.

When he went out to investigate the situation, Robinson was stunned to see that the back of his van had been badly dented by some kind of large object.

It didn't take long for him to find the culprit as there was a large, round piece of machinery sitting in the snow nearby.

Noting that there were no footprints near the vehicle, Robinson concluded that his van had been struck by an 'unidentified falling object.'

Fortunately, unlike most UFOs that crash to the ground, this particular object was recovered by local police, although even they concede that they have no idea what exactly it is.

Presumably a piece of aircraft debris, the unintended van vandal has yet to be specifically identified by authorities at the FAA nor any aircraft experts.

Considering that the event took place just a few days before Christmas, one cannot exclude the possibility that it was a piece of Santa's sleigh that became dislodged during a pre-holiday test flight.

Regardless of what it is or where it came from, perhaps a better line of inquiry would be what became of the aircraft that lost it, because that's probably not something that should be falling off of a plane.

Source: Fox6 Milwaukee

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