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'Miracle Twins' Survive By Holding Hands in the Womb

A pair of twins in England are being celebrated after surviving perilous conditions in their mother's womb through what appears to be the power of love.

Doctors became concerned about the babies' fate when an ultrasound revealed that Rowan and Blake Lampshire shared the same amniotic sac.

The rare condition is extremely dangerous because the slightest move by either baby could have tangled their umbilical cords and cut off their oxygen or food.

However their parents were amazed when, during subsequent monitoring of the twins, it appeared that the babies were actually holding hands and cuddling!

Seemingly keeping their counterpart cool under pressure, the twins managed to make it all the way to delivery and emerged with only minor difficulties caused by the condition.

After a brief stay in the hospital, Rowan and Blake were released into the care of their parents and, in keeping with their heartwarming connection in the womb, have been inseparable ever since.

Source: UK Metro

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