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Miscreant Poisons Trees in England

Miscreant Poisons Trees in England

Authorities in England are scratching their heads after a strange incident where someone attempted to poison several centuries-old trees.

According to officials in the village of Gorleston, a twisted miscreant made their way onto the grounds of a historic home with the intentions of murdering a number of 200-year-old trees which are protected due to their ripe old age.

Lest one think the matter is simply some kind of misunderstanding, cops say that the ne'er-do-well actually drilled holes into an astounding eight of the trees and inserted a mysterious substance ostensibly aimed at killing them.

Fortunately, it would appear that the trees are heartier than the vandal expected as they seem to have been only damaged and not driven to death by the presumed poison.

After an investigation yielded little in the way of suspects or clues, police were forced the close their case, although local officials are continuing to look into the matter and residents have offered a reward for any information on who might have done the dark deed.

As to why someone would want to commit such a foul act, that too remains a mystery, but one area official observed that a similar incident recently occurred in a neighboring community, which raises the specter of a serial tree killer still at large somewhere in the English countryside.

One can only hope that they can be brought to justice before another attempted or, even worse, completed arborcide can occur.

Source: BBC News

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