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Mom Photographs Daughter's Guardian Angel?

A mother in England believes that she may have photographed a guardian angel watching over her daughter just weeks before she died.

Sarah Danbury took the image in a London hotel room where the two were staying while her daughter Amy received special treatment for a rare form of cancer.

When she later looked at the photo, she was surprised to see what appeared to be a heavenly figure hovering between her and Amy.

Danbury says that the lights beside her daughter were not turned on and that she cannot explain what may have provided the anomalous illumination.

However skeptics will likely suggest that the 'angel' could have been created by the flash from Danbury's camera.

The possible prosaic explanation notwithstanding, Danbury marveled at how the photo served to provide some comfort for her and her daughter, who passed away only three weeks after the photo was taken.

With that in mind, whether the angel was real or simply a trick of light and shadow seems immaterial considering the powerful impact it had on the family during a difficult time.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about guardian angels and how they may have a role in human affairs can check out Rosemary Ellen Guiley's 12/24/2014 appearance on the program.

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Source: Mirror

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