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'Monopoly Hotline' Aims to Settle Holiday Game Disputes

'Monopoly Hotline' Aims to Settle Holiday Game Disputes

The makers of Monopoly in the UK have launched a special hotline to settle arguments that erupt between family members playing the popular board game over the holidays.

Hasbro UK & Ireland decided to create the service after a survey revealed that an astounding 51% of all games end in an argument between players.

Operators answering the hotline, which runs from December 24th to the 26th, will be armed with the official Monopoly rulebook in order to serve as an unbiased arbiter over game-based disputes.

Although the service should help to clarify clashes over the rules, which was cited as the number one source of friction by survey respondents, it probably won't do much to stop the second biggest cause of fights: winners bragging about their victory.

Whether the hotline can prevent the rogue relative that secretly sneaks money from the bank or the always-maddening battle for the 'top hat' token remains to be seen.

One thing that seems likely, however, is that it will spawn a new kind of Monopoly-themed argument when people working for Hasbro in the UK wind up ditching their family for Christmas in order to helm the hotline.

Source: ITV

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