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Monsters & Mind Games

Monsters & Mind Games

This artist depiction is of a man-beast type creature with glowing eyes, which is described in Nick Redfern's latest book Three Men Seeking Monsters(1). Redfern has also sent us this photo, that supposedly shows a small sea serpent-type animal, swimming in the River Thames, London.
Interestingly, Redfern writes in the April issue of UFO Magazine(2), that the U.S. government has on occasion actively staged and promoted "certain cryptozoological mysteries and mutilation events for bizarre, psychological warfare purposes."
For instance, he cites the 1950's case in which the US assisted the Philippine Armed Forces to develop a psychological operation against the Huks. They recreated the legend of the "terrifying Asuang Vampire," by capturing one of the Huk patrol men, puncturing his neck with two holes and draining his body of blood. Reportedly, the entire Huk squadron moved out of the area after discovering the corpse.

1. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0743482549/ctoc
2. http://www.ufomag.com


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