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Montana Food Bank Makes Meals from Roadkill!

Montana Food Bank Makes Meals from Roadkill!

A food bank in Whitefish, Montana has an ingenious but somewhat unsettling way of providing more meals for its patrons: roadkill.

The North Valley Food Bank features their own on-site facilities which transform unlucky elk into repurposed meals for those in need.

The enterprising concept accounts for an incredible 750 pounds of meat each year, which amounts to around 1,500 meals.

Having accepted the 'found food' since the 1980's, the organization have developed a remarkably refined system for accepting the unique donations.

The food bank boasts a loading dock and winch for acquiring the downed elk from trucks and also staffs eight volunteer butchers to help process the meat.

Despite the odd origins of the meals, directors of the organization say that patrons are intrigued by the offerings and that the food have proven to be rather delicious.

Source: NBC Montana

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