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Moose Freed from Freezing Folly

A moose in Canada that found itself stuck in a freezing river owes a debt of gratitude to a group of firefighters that freed the unfortunate creature.

The massive animal's plight was noticed by a resident living near New Brunswick's Shediac River who reported the strange scene to the local fire department.

Authorities quickly dispatched an entire team of firefighters to save the troubled creature that had fallen through the ice into dire straights.

Incredibly, the rescuers smashed an escape route for the moose via a long path cut into the ice using axes and leading all the way to the shore.

Eventually the moose made it back to solid ground after ninety minutes of soaking and struggling in the freezing cold water.

One would like to think that the incident inspired some introspection on the part of the moose and serious thoughts about the dangers of walking on unsteady ice during the winter.

However, if it did, we'll never know because the animal fled from the area as soon as it was safely on land and didn't even bother to thank the firefighters that saved its life.

Source: Washington Post

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