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Morgus the Magnificent

Morgus the Magnificent

(4)Momus Alexander Morgus, also known as Dr. Morgus and Morgus the Magnificent, was one of George's favorite childhood TV personalities. Each week from his secret laboratory in an abandoned warehouse, Morgus would introduce the evening's horror movie and perform wacky experiments (with assistants Chopsley and E.R.I.C). He was the first horror host to star in a feature film, "The Wacky World of Dr. Morgus" in 1962.
Listen to Morgus recite some scary Hearse-ry Rhymes(1).* More sound clips, photos and info at morgus.com(2).
*Requires RealPlayer(3)
Graphic and audio courtesy of Morgus Presents! Online.

1. http://www.morgus.com/sounds/mrgcdsmp.ram
2. http://www.morgus.com
3. http://www.real.com
4. http://www.morgus.com

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