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'Mothership' Spotted on Mars

Anomaly hunters looking for signs of alien life on Mars believe that they may have hit the proverbial jackpot after spotting what looks like a spaceship on the Red Planet.

The weird 'object,' believed to measure a whopping 1.5 miles long, was discovered in an image taken by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor.

Based purely on the perceived size of the potential vessel, advocates for an ancient Martian civilization say that it was probably some kind of 'mothership' used by space-faring aliens.

Those who do not subscribe to the theory that ETs once roamed the Red Planet say that the 'spaceship' is merely a trick of light and shadow or perhaps a photographic anomaly.

While that may be the case, one must concede that the possibility of a spaceship on Mars is far more plausible than Darth Vader's head or a shoe, making this particularly anomaly a tad more tantalizing than some others we've 'seen' in the past.

What's your take on the strange find? Is it a downed craft that once housed thousands of aliens ostensibly working and living together while exploring space or is it simply a ripple in the rocks of the Red Planet? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Express

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