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Mothman Photographed in West Virginia?

A man in Point Pleasant, West Virginia claims to have photographed a strange 'flying creature' that may be the infamous entity known as Mothman.

The unidentified witness told WCHS that he spotted something anomalous leaping from tree to tree while he was driving down the highway on Sunday evening.

Intrigued by what he was seeing, the man stopped his car, took a few pictures of the oddity, and shared them with the TV station.

In the photos, an intriguing humanoid figure, which seems to sport a set of wings, can be seen seemingly flying through the air.

Choosing to remain anonymous, the man insisted that the photographs are genuine and that, as a recent transplant to Point Pleasant, he was unaware of the Mothman story until now.

The verdict from local residents appears to be mixed as some say the images could be real while others concede that they may have been faked via photo manipulation software.

Considering that the sighting took place mere days after the 50th anniversary of the first publicized Mothman sighting, perhaps the witness really did catch a glimpse of the notorious entity while it was out celebrating the occasion.

Source: WCHS

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