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Musk Teases LA Tunnel Plan

Musk Teases LA Tunnel Plan

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk suggested that another one of his ambitious ideas may soon come to fruition.

In an early morning tweet, the Space X founder hinted his concept for a tunnel beneath Los Angeles aimed at curbing traffic would begin construction shortly.

"Exciting progress on the tunnel front. Plan to start digging in a month or so," he revealed.

Musk has argued in the past that tunnels to alleviate traffic are a far more realistic avenue to pursue rather than the always-elusive, but forever-endearing flying car.

After an apparently infuriating experience with traffic this past December, Musk began talking about the tunnel idea once again and now seems to be serious about pursuing the project.

Experts, however, contend that there are a myriad of issues facing the idea, which would be both a bureaucratic nightmare as well as incredibly expensive.

And while it may be unwise to doubt Musk's ability to make the tunnel happen, one can help but wonder if this is merely a game of one-upsmanship after last week's story about the billionaires hoping to build a floating city.

When it comes to the mega rich, perhaps this is just how they entertain themselves.

Should Musk manage to start digging in a month, he may be surprised by what he finds as it has long been suggested that major cities throughout the world already possess a honeycomb of secret tunnels beneath them.

Coast Insiders can learn more about these legends and theories by checking out the 8/11/2014 edition of the program featuring legendary author Whitley Strieber.

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Source: USA Today

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