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Mysterious Metallic Spheres Land in Vietnam

Mysterious Metallic Spheres Land in Vietnam

Vietnamese officials are investigating a trio of strange metallic spheres that crashed to the ground in the northern part of the country last weekend.

Observers who spotted the space debris in the sky noted loud thunder-like noises seemingly caused by the spheres' descent to Earth.

Two of the metallic objects were fairly small, but one of the spheres weighed nearly 100 pounds!

Thankfully the prospect of an alien invasion can be likely be dismissed, since the Vietnamese Ministry of Defense believes that the 'space balls' are Russian air tanks used for rockets.

A more worrisome aspect surrounding the incident is that similar events have taken place in other parts of the world over the course of the last few months, including multiple spheres landing in Spain this past November.

Why there seems to be a spate of space spheres suddenly crashing down to Earth remains a perplexing puzzle for experts.

Souce: CBC News

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