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Mysterious Voynich Manuscript to be 'Cloned'

Mysterious Voynich Manuscript to be 'Cloned'

The legendary 15th-century coded text known as the Voynich Manuscript will soon be in the hands of many more aspiring cryptographers thanks to a plan to 'clone' the inscrutable book.

Discovered in 1912, the 240-page book is written in an indecipherable language and contains a number of elegant and arcane drawings.

Although carbon dating placed the origin of the manuscript to be sometime in the early 1400's, almost nothing else is known about the enigmatic text.

For decades, experts and independent investigators have attempted to solve the riddle of what is written in the Voynich Manuscript.

However none of these pursuits have yet to be proven successful, despite the claims of some researchers.

Over the years, the authorship of the text has been attributed to a vast array of historical figures and even paranormal possibilities such as aliens.

Although portions of the text can be found online, a new effort from a small Spanish publisher will soon allow researchers and academics the ability to obtain an actual physical copy of the famed codex.

The manuscript reproduction specialists spent eighteen months taking high quality images of the original text and plan on producing 898 of these Voynich Manuscript 'clones.'

Reproducing every minute detail of the book's pages, including imperfections like stains and holes, the facsimiles will cost between $7,500 and $9,000 dollars.

While the reproductions will likely end up in museums and libraries, there is hope that among the nearly-900 new owners of the Voynich clones will be the one person who can finally tell us all what the infamous book actually says.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the Voynich Manuscript can check out the 3/23/2014 edition of the program featuring artist Stuart Davis and Professor of Linguistics Stephen Bax.

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Source: Daily Mail

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